Monday, April 12, 2010

a missing piece

Hello blog, how are you? it's been a long time for sure. Last entry was on November 2009, and that was only a shout, a proud shout if I may say, not even a blog.

Always felt like a piece of me missing..

Actually, this happens to many people with blogs. They join Facebook or Twitter and seem cannot manage to find time or the will to write things on their blogs.

If you ask me, I blame Twitter instead of Facebook, tho the only one to blame is myself ;p. While Facebooking, there were times when I still had the chance to blog. But when I join Twitter, the eagerness and passion to blog just disappear. Twitter allows people to express themselves, they call it micro blogging. Yea, it's Micro alright, only 140 characters, so we have to be creative in expressing our thoughts in that amount of characters.

But come to think of it, blogging makes us think more than just making 'titles' on twitter. It requires us to elaborate. So, yea... i'll try to blog again.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I Love You, Man

Peter Klaven, a real estate realtor, is soon to be married. One day, Peter overheard the conversation between his girlfriend and her friends, that they are worried of Peter because he doesn't have any real friend. Realize that is true. Peter tries to look for a friend with so many ways, until he met Sidney Fife.


At first, my intention was only to see Paul Rudd, but out of expectation, this film is very entertaining. Peter's awkwardness successfully made me laugh. Sidney's craziness is also funny. Not only both of them, but there are many scenes with surprisingly good jokes. This film is not at all slapstick, the jokes are simple and felt so natural.

Didn't realize that Jon Favreau is playing, not a big role tho, but he is perfect in delivering the role as jerk, LOL, I like it! Lou Ferigno is also starring. many funny scenes!

I laughed hard on Anwar Sadat joke, LOL!

The theme is so simple, friendship between guys. Are you man enough to say, I Love You, Man?

Satisfaction Rate: 78%

Thursday, August 6, 2009

quotes: gene simmons

"What you say before and what you'll say later doesn't count"

-gene simmons (kiss)-

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

comfort zone

"You're in a comfort zone. It's dangerous. You have to get out and seek new challenge"

Have you ever hear that? That's the quote I heard sometimes from some friends.

Now, what's wrong with comfort zone? This one tickles me. Aren't we, humans, looking for happiness?

Let me put it this way. You come into a new environment, automatically, you will have to adjust. Some adjust easily, some not, and others fail. For people who successfully adjust to the new environment, they will somehow find comfort in their own way. Either they are comfort with other people, or with the activities, or the system, you name it.

Guess what you will find when you're already comfort in something? Say what? Happiness?? Yes!

Sometimes I wonder, why some people say comfort zone is a dangerous place. They say, one cannot move forward if he or she is already in it. No motivation, no strong will to excel, no challenge, blah blah blah. Well, they got a point in some way. Like, when you're comfort, you feel enough, no need to achieve more.

But, for me, challenge is something you can create on your own, whenever, wherever. I work in one place for 7 years now. Yes, Seven!! But so what? I feel comfort here. I like my job and I love the people I work with. I'm comfort, I'm happy. But is it everyday? Everytime? My answer would be, No.

I don't feel comfort with some people here, the silly rules of my company, and sometimes with the routine activities. Now that is the perfect timing for me to challenge myself. How can I pass those things? How will I cope with those people? What kind of solution I will take for every problem occurs, etc etc.

For those who thinks that comfort zone doesn't create challenge, please do think again. Because the way I see it, the challenge that you take in a non-comfort zone is the challenge that given by somebody else. You know, challenging yourself is fun, it's your own target.

What are you trying to search in life anyways when you are busy hopping from one place to another? Oh well, it's just an opinon.

God gives us a simple life, why ruin it?

Just don't judge!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


One of my most anticipated movies in 2009. Heart this movie since I saw the teaser poster. I thought, this one has got to be a good one! And it turned out to be...


There's Carl Fredricksen, a grumpy old widow, lives alone and has no interest to mingle. The man loves his late wife very much, he always keeps their dreams, to have a great adventure and to have a house near the Paradise Falls. Bothered by the construction workers, who eventually gave him court summon to leave the house, he chose to refuse by floating his house with hundreds of balloons. Accidentally, he brought Russel with him. Russel, an elementary boy scout who has a dream to become a Wilderness Explorer. With Russel, Carl began a new adventure.


Please allow me to say, WOW!
Up is not only an original idea with charming story and hillarious jokes, but Up, is one of the few best animated movies with a beautiful point of objective, 'just don't lose your sense of adventure, guys'.

Started with a short movie, about clouds that create things, it's about love and trust Oh, it's just funny, but wait.. it's also very touching in the end. Short and sharp!

The film itself brought very a deep and memorable scene, in my opinion. Oh, how much I cried on the flashbacks scene of Carl and Ellie. With beautiful theme song from Michael Giacchino, the scene was able to touch deeply and simply describe the meaning of togetherness in happy and sad, in sickness and health, the meaning of love.

When it comes to the adventure, people were laughing hard. Heck I laugh so hard till I had a sorethroat last night. So funny and thrilling, people were not just laughing, they even screamed. Ovation were heard many times. Russel's behavior, he is so cute, I just wanna keep him in my closet! Those stupid dogs, dogs that talk! What's up with dog and Squirrels anyway? "LOL*

Watchout people, they are funnnnyyy!

Up is the best animated movie since a very.. very long time.

Satisfaction Rate: 95% (seriously)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

public enemies

John Dillinger, one of my childhood heroes.

Mafia, and gangster movies are totally my genre. When I found out that it's Johnny Depp, there's no other movie I waited for in this summer season. Not a big fan of Depp, though I always think of him as a brilliant and one of a kind actor, but Depp is perfect as Dillinger.

A brilliant Public Enemy in a brilliant movie.

For almost 2.5 hours, we were brought to the 30's. Feels like the 30's tho (love those times, mafia era). Since the first 10 minutes, we were spoiled with action, strong drama, and details. The Dillinger's escape legends, the robberies, even the hostages method, all there (well, not everything of course). Michael Mann succesfully arranged the balance between action and drama so that no moment is a dull moment. Mann's habit to use minimum background score is at an almost perfect level (well, nothing's perfect, d'oh!). Felt like experiencing the real event, for example, the gunshot scene in the villa, it was tense.

Now the weakness. Well let's see. One thing I felt while watching this, is the lack of description why on earth was Dillinger admired by people? Wasn't explained enough. Also, Melvin Purvis character somehow drowned by the charming of Mr. Wiensted, the Texas Officer. Purvis was seemed so mediocre here.

As for the cast, Marion Cotillard delivers quite a charming performance as Billie. Christian Bale, he is no disappointment also, the southern accent of his, knowing he's originally a Brit, is considered perfect. In acting wise, he is above his standard level, and way better than in his previous film, The Terminator. But apparently Bale is over-shadowed by his co-star, Johnny Depp. Well, for sure, Depp dominates almost all the charmingness in the film itself. a perfect cast for the character. His performance? nuff said!

Many people only give 3 stars for this film, but I'll give 4.5 stars, and I'll stick to my opinion. Heck I haven't seen such movie in a long time. This is absolutely My Best Summer Movie in 2009.

Satisfaction Rate: 93%
Depp Rate: 99%